Bathroom Tile Ideas To Choose From

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So you are planning your next bathroom remodel. That is certainly a great idea. You bathroom will look like new and you will also get a very refreshing feeling upon entering it. However, it can be quite difficult for you to find the right design for your bathroom. The most difficult part about bathroom design is the tiles. They are used almost everywhere in this space and you simply cannot take this part lightly. Therefore, we are bringing some great bathroom tiling ideas that will certainly suit your needs and demands. After coloring your bathroom in the right hue, it becomes very important for you to select the right bathroom tile ideas. This helps you in making sure that your bathroom looks perfect and all the elements fit into your bathroom perfectly. As tiles are most prominently visible in your bathroom, you should be making sure that the tiles look great. Before you go ahead and implement your ideas, it is important to understand that the style and size of the tiles will be very important in deciding the design that you must be following in your bathroom. This shall help you in buying tiles that really matter.

Here are some great bathroom tile ideas that you can use.

bathroom tile ideas for designIn general, use ceramic tiles for your bathroom walls. This kind of tiles are generally a little pricier as compared to the other tiles. However, it is a great option for those who want to make a more contemporary bathroom. In this case, using larger tiles will be a better idea. If you want more traditional bathroom tile ideas with ceramic tiles then you must simply use the smaller sized tiles. They will be enough to create an elegant but a more traditional look in your bathroom. They are quite water resistant as well. Plus, they come in a number of finishes, colors and designs so that you can create different looks in your bathroom.  Go for more solid textures so that you can get a better look.

Opting for the natural stone bathroom tile ideas will also be great as they help you in getting more durability as well as looks. They come in the polished and glossy finish. Though they are quite heavy to be used on the walls, you will getting results once they have been installed. Make sure that you use the services of a professional interior designer to get the best look. Remember, these tiles can be very expensive.

Subtle tiles– those who want to keep it simple or those who have already incorporated many bold and rich elements in their bathroom must certainly use subtler shades of tiles in their bathrooms. This helps them in subduing the effects of all these elements mixed together. The best color to choose here is light sand yellow or brown or even taupe. Don’t ever opt for white or it will make your bathroom look like a messed up canvas sheet. These tiles can either be ceramic or in stone. Make sure not to use any kind of patterns or accents here. Plus, these bathroom tiling ideas will work only when you use the same tiles on the walls as well as the floor. 

Accented tiles – Those who are not too experimental but wish to add some fun to their bathroom can always opt for accented tiles. Let us take the example of the subdued tiles mentioned above. Simply remove one horizontal, vertical or even diagonal layer of tiles from this aspect and replace it with accent tiles of a different color. That shall help you making sure that you get a bathroom that looks stunning with too many efforts. These bathroom tiling ideas work well when you use consistent accent patterns on the floor as well as the walls. However, if you wish, you can also go for individual accent. In that case, the accents should be limited either to the wall or to the floor only.

Contrasting tiles – This is a wonderful idea that creates so separate sections in your bathroom, one on the floor and one on the walls. You can even add another shower section here to make it look even more beautiful. Use pebble tiles on the floor to subdue its appeal and go bold and bright with the ceramic tiles on the walls. It looks so beautiful that you will literally show off your bathroom to everyone who comes to your house.

After selecting the material of the tiles, you should be looking at the pattern of the tiles. The most popular option these days are the mosaic patterns. Try to be as creative as possible and reflect your personality in the tiles.