Bathroom Tiles Ideas – What’s In Vogue?

glass tiles for bathroom floors

What is the most striking part of a bathroom? It is the faucet? No. Is it the large tub? No. The bathroom tiles are beautiful, striking and also the most important part of your bathroom. They make the bathroom stand out and also ensure that you have a great bathing experience. Are you planning to remodel your bathroom soon? If yes, then check out these amazing bathroom tile ideas.

Glass tiles – The latest design trend in bathroom tiles is that of glass tiles. They look quite beautiful and they will definitely be adding more spark, depth and luminescence in your bathroom. The best thing about these tiles is that they can match with almost any kind of bathroom remodeling ideas. Moreover, they are mostly made of recycled plastic. As a result of this, you can always get an ecofriendly option. The color palette with such tiles is really broad and you might like to explore the brighter colors. Moreover, you will be getting a spa-like treatment in your own house. Enjoy these vivid colors.

Metal- they suit contemporary as well as traditional bathrooms because of which you will always be able to enjoy a great look. There is copper as well as stainless steel option that you will be able to get here. Use them as accents in order to get the best looks. They can become your favorite bathroom tile ideas. Backsplash also works great.

Hardwood- they might not appear to be the best choice when it comes to bathroom tiles, but they will definitely be providing you some great options for bathroom tiles because of their amazing natural accents. They are usually available in planks of 2, 3 and 4 inches and can be laminated for better protection against moisture. They are really long lasting too.

Masculine lines- this time, more masculine and well-shaped lines are ruling the trends. Go for shimmering metal designs that can be contrasted well with the deeper black tiles.

Skinny tiles- yes, skinny is in this season. The main tiles can be of a normal size in white or in grey but they will be easily contrasted with these thin tiles. These skinny strips work really well in deep colors.

The hex is back- you should be going for the classic black and white honed finish. They are really in this season. Go for the subdued hues with a delicate milky look. Textures will also be in this season.