Creative Shower Tile Ideas

There a number of shower tile ideas that can easily be implemented in your bathroom to make it look perfect. On a number of occasions, it is suitable for the people to make the shower a very personalized space inside the bathroom. It should have a very different look and appeal that makes your showering experience even better than before. There can be variations in the colors and types of tiles which will make your shower area look great. Here are some of our most creative shower tile ideas that will definitely make your space come alive.

creative-shower-tile-ideasAdd accent tile walls

This is one of the best ways in which you can bring some elegance and grace to your shower region. Take inspirations from your kitchen. The way that you have used tiles in that region can also be followed in this context. The borders and the walls of the shower should always be in a neutral color except for a single chain of accent tiles that completely change the way your shower looks. Try to mix up this pattern in two chains instead of one for a more modern appeal. Diagonal accents are more popular these days.

Change the size of the tile

In order to make a great shower region without involving too much of effort or experimenting to an extreme, it would be better if you simply change the size of the tiles that are placed in the shower region. It is one of the easier shower tile ideas to follow. Use stone tiles on the floor, large ceramic tiles on the bathroom walls and very thin tiles in the shower region. This way, this area will look different from the rest. You can get a little experimental by using contrasting colors in this region. If not, you can also go for lighter or deeper hue of the tiles on the rest of the walls to get a great look.

Use patterns for a visual appeal

The best way to get some great visual appeal in your bathroom shower is to use patterns. You can either buy patterned tiles or simply go for patterned bordering so that you can get a lot of great wall space. You can also use white and brown mosaic tiles that can be separated with the help of black tiles. This kind of shower tile ideas will open up the shower space for you and will also make your shower look more interesting.