DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas

DIY bathroom floor tilingBathroom remodeling is not an easy task but if you are an enthusiast and you like to make sure that every inch of your bathroom reflects your personality, you should definitely be trying the DIY bathroom remodel ideas. They are fun and you will definitely be having a lot of fun with these ideas. The best thing about them is that your bathroom does not look like a pre-furbished designer pieces. It looks like your very own space that can be decorated as the way you like it. Here are some really beautiful bathroom remodel ideas that will save money for you and will also help you in creating a very personalized space. Have a look at what all you can achieve.

Use small tiles and mirrors- the fashion for large tiles is long gone. You must chose smaller tiles, preferably small planks that are 2, 3 and 4 inches. However, there is absolutely no need for you to go and find some popular tiles. This is the style of DIY bathroom remodel. You don’t have to stick to anything conventional. Instead, chose small tiles in taupe shade and find mirrored tiles as well. For example, you can use ceramic tiles in taupe finish and find some cool mirror tiles in a hex pattern. You can also go for mirrored accents or simple mirror masculine lines and edges in the walls. No matter how you use them, the results will be great. Plus, the customization options are many. Therefore, you will never have to depend on a book—ish design. Make your own and have fun.

Unique shower design- for this design, you either have to paint your bathroom in a single, rich and dark color or buy large tiles of the same color. Do not opt for any textures. Plain solid color is all that you need. It will help you a lot in creating something that makes your bathroom look classier. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to experiment. Chose the sinks in beautiful sand yellow color and make the faucets metallic. Use a few framed pictures as well. Now, you need to create a beautiful shower area. No matter how small the bathroom is, just get a floor to ceiling clear glass enclosure. Then, use small ceramic tiles (like the one described above) and create a great shower space in your bathroom. It is unlikely that you will not fall in love with these DIY bathroom remodel ideas.